“Were Glad You Dropped By!!”

Harold J. Colburn, DDS, Ryan J. Colburn, DDS & Ronald E. Marshall, DDS

Wow! Dentistry has had such phenomenal changes in our lifetimes. We have been the recipients of great advances in this professional field and we’re so glad to be able to share them with our patients and community!!

COLBURN & MARSHALL Dentistry utilizes new technology to make your dental experience comfortable. Even with new technology and modern services, we still place great importance on personal attention during procedures to make your dental experience an exceptional one.

At COLBURN & MARSHALL , it is our goal to maintain good oral health in all our patients.  With proper attention, YOU DON’T NEED TO LOOSE YOUR TEETH !!

We provide most procedures needed for your dental health and have many cosmetic options to improve your smile.

All new patients receive a personalized treatment plan focusing on your dental needs and implementing cosmetic wants whenever possible.

Your oral health is our ultimate goal and we strive for excellent esthetic and cosmetic results in all our procedures

Our office is located at 1410A John B White Sr Blvd, Spartanburg, SC.
Call us at Colburn & Colburn Dentistry Phone Number (864) 574-5297 (574-JAWS)

 Cosmetic Dentistry can give you a smile you’re proud of. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, new smile !

Dr. Harold Colburn, Dr. Ryan Colburn and Dr. Ron Marshall can give you the smile you want using: