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Our office utilizes the newest technology to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible. Even with new technology and modern services, we still place great importance on personal attention during procedures to make your dental experience a good one. It is our goal to maintain and reach good oral health in all our patients.


Our office stresses good oral health. Therefore we have a dedicated hygiene staff to help you achieve and maintain oral health through routine cleanings and exams. Each patient receives a comprehensive exam and treatment plan for their personal dental needs and wants.


Films and pictures are taken using Schick digital sensors, and can be seen on the monitor in the exam room by the doctor and patient. Digital films are very diagnostic and are exposed with less radiation than normal films.


Our office places Resin fillings only. Resin (tooth colored) fillings provide excellent function and esthetic form for your smile.


A crown (cap) is placed to restore a broken, fractured or endodontically treated tooth. Crowns add strength to the tooth and help restore function for chewing. A bridge replaces a lost tooth with a pontic (false tooth) and adjacent crowns. All crowns and bridges are fixed in place and can be fabricated in all Gold, Porcelain and Metal or all Porcelain.


A root canal is performed on a tooth that has lost its health or vitality. The nerve and blood vessels in a tooth can inflame and die, causing the tooth to hurt or abscess. After cleaning the inside of the tooth, it is sealed to help the tooth heal. We can perform the root canal in office on most teeth. Some teeth need the attention of a specialist and need treatment by an Endodontist. We make this decision on a case by case basis.


We provide most procedures needed for your dental health and have many cosmetic options to improve your smile. All new patients receive a customized treatment plan focusing on your dental needs and implementing cosmetic wants whenever possible. Your oral health is our ultimate goal and we strive for excellent esthetic and cosmetic results in all our procedures.


If a tooth cannot be saved and needs to be removed, we can extract most teeth in the office. Sometimes an oral surgeon will be consulted to extract a tooth, especially in cases involving third molars, ankylosed (locked) and severely broken teeth. In every case we would discuss all your options and try to relieve any anxiety you may have about the procedure.


Many oral conditions can be treated with our soft tissue laser.Some of these procedures include treatment of excessive gum tissue, periodontal pocketing, canker sores, biopsy, and others.


Because each patient responds differently to bleaching, we would discuss the best treatment options for you. We are proud to offer Opalescence Whitening products for in-office and take home applications.


Some cases require the fabrication of a removable denture to restore function and esthetics for the patient. We are proud to offer a flexible base partial without metal clasps and wires.


Your smile can be enhanced by improving the alignment of your teeth; using a metal-free, bracketless system of clear alignment retainers.


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